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↑ this is what i look like in Real Life

helloooo, im alastor!!! also go by martyna :] any pronouns for me sir, the weirder the better! i speak polish, english, and im leaarning finnish. the end goal is to use this as my final escape from the nightmare of modern social media and at last take my place upon this throne of hermitude. buuut, im still just a litl fry learnin html, so itll be a darn while til this starts resembling a functional website. alas!
but please, stay as looong as you like! weve got kindness and bird facts and my charming purrsonality!

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im a mouse full of interests, hobbies, dreams and desires. So heres just the most highlightest of highlights

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e-mail me at !!!!

and link my page on your site:

Pixel art mouse beckoning with tail

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ill be updating the site as frequently as i can, so come back later and it might be different! :]]]
thank you very much for stopping by <3333