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[23/03/2024] -two new artworks!
[20/03/2024] -new art
[17/03/2024] -COMMISSIONS OPEN!! nab a spot on artistree or ko-fi
[16/03/2024] -BIG ART DUMP
-added storygraph to the social media tab. now you can track what i read, i suppose??
[03/03/2024] -new art
-new "blog post"
[25/02/2024] -new art
-new blog post
[15/02/2024] -new art
-new buttons
-changed selection colour
[12/02/2024] -changed formatting of blog archive
[11/02/2024] -new blog post!
[10/02/2024] -fixed some broken links
-edited about me
[04/02/2024] -new blog post!
-seperated site buttons from decorative buttons for clarity
-this site is now in the autists online webring!
[30/01/2024] -this site is now a part of the retronaut webring and the geekring!
[29/01/2024] -set up an rss feed for art and blog posts
[28/01/2024] -added blog page
-added art archive
-lots of fun new and different stuff on the homepage!
[27/01/2024] -fixed button links
-fixed some errors in art page formatting
[24/01/2024] -this site is now responsive! mobile users are safe (for now)
-some minor formatting changes
[08/08/2023] -added guestbook
[08/08/2023] -added changelog!

TO-DO !!!

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helloooo, i'm alastor!!! also go by martyna :] the end goal is to use this as my final escape from the nightmare of modern social media and at last take my place upon this throne of hermitude. buuut, i'm still just a litl fry learnin html. i started on this site last summer and i'm very mulch figurin all of this out as i go along. that being said, it's all been splendid fun so far!

please stay as looong as you like! we've got kindness and bird facts and my charming purrsonality! there are also a pawful of secrets dotted about the site. i implore you to try find them!
want to support me? consider commissioning an artwork on artistree or ko-fi!!

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my buttons!

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The Internet Archive

i still have a lot i wanna do for this site, so come back later and it might be much different!

thank you very much for stopping by <3333

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